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  • pajamas...
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  • my favorite shawt :)
  • - The lifestyle, the streets, the b itches, the drug dealing, the shootouts, gangbanging and s hit you know I had to stop that s hit you know.
  • - Why life gotta be so hard, but death is easy? Where I'm from you either take it or leave it
  • - Asian lil' ho, she ride that dick, Yokohama flow

  • ## | ☽  " she not from dimmsdale but she gon gimme dimmadome "
  • :)
  • ## | ☽ " Girl, i respect the cat, i promise just a touch, let me put the head in. "
  • ## | ☽  " finally feeling free for the night, i got no worries. finally cut a lame out my life, baby c'est la vie "

  • Sit back and watch😶
  • For rich or poor, you won't be broke💸
  • Speed it up I see you want to test my 'Rarri⛽
  • have a glass of water for your thirsty a** 🍸

  • TK & Cash - Ready
  • Red snow- G Herbo
  • Tee Grizzley- First Day Out 😈
  • 😘

  • talking slick gon get you hit
  • this cute ig
  • " flow colder then the freezer "
  • ion feel like myself rn// shaylenn

  • xxIon really care if you cry, on the real you shoulda never liedxx
  • xxMy pus.sy game so cold that he always seem to come backxx
  • xxI'll Run For Miles Just To Get A Tastexx
  • xxSoon as I wake up keep an eye out for the snakesxx

  • birthday b.

  • { Came in that b itch with the Glock (yeah) Came in that b itch with the mob (yeah) }

  • boy i got what you want , boy i got what you need.
  • money showers
  • all i got is faith in these brownskins.
  • Show me somethin' natural like a-ss with some stretch marks